Custom Solutions

All you need from one qualified company.

If we can’t find it, we create it.

We were missing service providers that aligned with where we were going.  We created custom solutions to simplify communications across all services.  This allowed greater results with less time.


B4W Advantage

This is designed for people who want a more extensive weekly position management. We have a CTA going over a weekly packet tying our company trend balance to our 5-step strategy so you don’t get off track in your risk management.



  • BWeekly virtual meeting
  • BAbility to execute working orders
  • BAdaptable changes that come up fast
  • BPersonalized to meet weekly & daily questions


Ingredient Merchandising

Buying feed is easy; but knowing when to contract is hard. Our merchandisers help you know when to contract and take care of logistics so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.



  • BWe see the market more from a large geography
  • BLarge number of trucks in our network
  • BWe don't let you run out of feed


Custom Dry Ingredient Blending

Some complete feed isn’t transparent about what is in it and isn’t changed as the cattle grow. We custom formulate based on performance and cost transparently with what you need.



  • BMultiple supplements and balances to choose from
  • BChange requirements as cattle grow
  • BAbility to source new ingredients when cost effective
  • BOn farm delivery


Nutrition Services

Nutrition questions can be hard to get answered. We have the ability to formulate based on your on farm feed stuffs along with other options, so you can feel confident in your feeding.



  • BOn site feed sampling
  • BRation development
  • BSupplement and balancer formulation
  • BCalf starting consultation



Quality product to meet specs can be an issue. We formulate based on results rather than cost so you can be confident you are getting what you pay for.



  • BOn site delivery
  • BChecked by a PHD
  • BBid from different vendors


Livestock & Crop Insurance (LRP)

Purchasing LRP is easy. Using it all the time drains profits. We recommend risk management tools based on where the market direction is going so you can have a better chance of being profitable.



  • BWe feed cattle and use it
  • BWe have CTAs on staff
  • BWe have a market position at all times


Custom Backgrounding

Buying replacements when the pen is empty can be dangerous B/Es. We stage cattle in grow yards when the B/E makes sense so you can fill your pen when you want to rather than when you have to.



  • BOn site management
  • BProtocol
  • BFacility approved


Grain Program

Farming feeders have trouble marketing farm corn separate from feed corn. We have a program to finance, price, and negotiate basis as a third party so you can maximize profit entity and free up cash flow.



  • BCorn pit, silage, wet corn
  • BBin storage
  • BPay later
  • BGet paid


Financial & Accounting Consulting

Having a third party make recommendations on how you structure your books makes a difference. We start with financial modeling and leading indicators before we ask about accounting. Most people don’t know the right questions to ask to see where they are at.



  • BConsulting
  • BTransparent with B4W Feeders measurables
  • BExpert knowledge

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