Cattle Feeding Account Manager


Balance4ward is looking for a Cattle Feeding Account Manager.  

Finding an account management career in the cattle business that truly changes the client’s outcome is hard.  We have built a team of professionals that can teach mid-market cattlemen how to make more profit per head.  The account management sales style that we use encourages autonomy, mastery, and purpose so when you put in a long day on the road, you feel appreciated.

As a Cattle Feeding Account Manager, you will manage sales activities and develop relationships with clients.  You will develop and implement multiple marketing and prospecting strategies to generate new qualified leads.  Working with the sales team to use our proven sales process to convert qualified leads into new agreements and revenue.  Also, maintaining regular follow up with customers and use data to identify customer issues and opportunities.

Location: Omaha, NE


  • Knowledge of trading multiple commodity markets

  • Can create a desire for people to change based on casting the company’s vision

  • A natural relationship and trust builder who can achieve scalable outcomes

  • Ability and desire to spend 75% + of their time in the field working with clients

  • Experience or knowledge of the livestock industry

If interested, please send your resume to


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September 26, 2022