Location: Nodaway, IA

Job Summary:

Balance4ward is looking for a blended feed delivery person in Nodaway, Iowa.  This person would be primarily responsible for delivering feed to client locations in various containers (bulk bins, creep feeders, etc.).

This person understands how to operate and take care of equipment while getting the job done.  Candidate needs to demonstrate a high level of consistency.  Candidate must ask themselves daily if this is the best practice, where can I improve and be open to suggestions from others.  We are a tight knit team, and this person must mesh well and contribute to the overall goal.

Skills & Qualifications

Those considering applying for this position should consider if the following list of skills and qualifications provide a good description of themselves.

  • Take pride in work

  • High attention to detail/observant/precise

  • High level of commitment

  • Strong communication skills/relay information to team members

  • Driven to maximize daily accomplishments

  • Ability to work proactively without supervision

  • Customer service oriented

Education & Experience

  • Limited computer skills required

  • Physical: Includes climbing up and down steps, opening bin and creep feeder lids

  • Class A CDL or willing to complete written testing before start date

If interested, send resume to tmckee@balance4ward.com


Posted on

September 26, 2022