The alignment you need from one qualified company.

If we can’t find it, we create it.

We were missing service providers that aligned with where we were going.  We created custom solutions to simplify communications across all services.  This allowed greater results with less time.

B4W Advantage

Matching you up with B4W’s strategies and helping you maximize profit per head.

Keeping track of the markets and managing risk can be challenging and time consuming. We have a team of advisors looking over your position and keeping you accountable on a weekly basis.


What you get:

  • BWeekly call/meeting with your own personalized CTA
  • BRecommendations tailored to your business
  • BFull service futures trading & execution
  • BDetailed, operational planning on cattle, corn, & feed

B4W Feeders

Sourcing cattle that fit your operation and the market best

Finding consistent value in feeder cattle can be a challenge. B4W has a network of cattle buyers that we trust with our business. We can help you source your next set of quality calves, or just identify where the opportunities are in the market as well as projecting break-evens.


What you get:

  • BPrioritize cattle buying that fit your desired preferences
  • BVarious backgrounding & staging options
  • BOne contact for a wide geography of buying options

B4W Operations

Capturing $100/head in operational efficiencies

A service tailored to mid-market cattlemen, providing a new level of performance visibility, team alignment, and access to industry expertise. With B4W Operations, mid-market cattlemen reclaim valuable time while achieving greater efficiency and success in managing their operations.


How we do it:

New Balance Commodities

Providing procurement solutions to capture the best possible cost of gains

We believe buying feed does not need to be hard. Our team of merchandisers helps you procure feed and handle the logistics. New Balance Commodities helps mitigate procurement challenges taking stress and headache off your plate.


What you get:

  • BOne contact to handle procurement, logistics, billing
  • BA feed consultant to help you understand when to contract
  • BAccess to other feed sources when supply disruptions occur
  • BLogistics team ensuring feed is delivered on time

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